Tuesday, April 5, 2011

6th Grade Jello Cell Project

Way back at the beginning of the school year (September 27th to be exact) we studied Cell Structure and Function. A fun way that the students reinforced what they learned was by creating Jello Cells. In this group project the students either focused on an animal cell or a plant cell. The animal cells were made with red gelatin and put in a round container. The plant cells were made with green gelatin and put in a rectangular container. The students had fun picking out different items to represent each organelle in their cell. Scroll down to see the 6th grade students proudly displaying their finished "cell".

6A Students

The rest of 6A 

 6A Jello Cells (Close up)

6B Jello Cells (Close up)

6B Students!
6C Students!

Evan, Kevin, and Brittany (6C)

6C Jello Cells (up close)

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